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How do I order?
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You can order through the website, over email or on the phone

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Line or net sourced seafood?
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Wherever possible we use suppliers who sustainably catch in the wild. To maintain our commitment to sustainability some products come from open sea farms.

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Do you use plastic?
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Given the damage plastic is doing to the ocean we have a clear focus here. Whilst some seafood packaging requires plastic we use 100% recycled. Whilst avoiding plastic with seafood packaging is currently tough we continue to search for other alternatives.

Payment Options
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Payment Options?
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We take PayPal, all types of card, Apple Pay or alternatively cash on delivery. We do have a mobile card reader so if you prefer you can also pay by card on delivery.

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Who are your suppliers?
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Every one of our suppliers is accredited on sustainable sourcing. Protecting the sea, the environment and having zero food waste are part of our values!

Fish Market
Can you source other products?
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Absolutely! The nature of sourcing fresh products daily means we can shop to your needs. Just send an enquiry through the website or to our email address and we will be in touch. 

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How can you deliver such fresh seafood?
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We are a local business with low overheads. By focusing on our local area we are able to offer a dedicated service that goes Dock to Door in the same day.

Fish Swimming
What are open sea farms?
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These are large open sections of the sea some way off shore in deep water. Found to be safer and healthier than near shore farms